When it rains, it floods.

No spoons, 8 at night, storming like crazy outside. Spoonies, are ya with me? We're already feelin' it.
Imagine now, walking over to the front door and feeling *splosh* under your feet.


A little background, I've been in the home I'm in now for just under a year. About a week after move-in, I woke up and swung my feet over the side of the bed to feel that same *splosh*. Now, it's only along one wall, doesn't go beyond about two-four feet in but it's flooding just the same. It hasn't happened too bad since then as they built a trench around the duplex but it happened last night.

I jumped into disaster mode. Moved a chair and three tables away from the wall. Grabbed my small steam cleaner to use as a wet vac and began to slowly go over all the carpet, then used the cleaning solution and more going over it. Turned a fan on high to help dry it. The really dumb part I should have asked for help with was lifting the heavier furniture to put foil under the legs.

Needless to say I am HURTING today. I do believe it will take a few days to recuperate from that incident.

I think what is frustrating me the most is looking at the probability of moving again in less than two months because, well, who wants to stay in a place that floods like this? Not healthy. It's been cleaned properly when it's happened but over time it could become a bigger health risk not to mention could ruin my furniture. Moving, though... *triple groan*. Boxes, bags, stress... NOT looking forward to that! I really liked this place, too.

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