I'm no expert but I guess I can help!

My phone's been blowing up quite a bit lately with questions from friends and even people I don't know asking me questions about working from home. I absolutely don't mind sharing what I do know and letting people know when I see an opportunity but it's become a bit overwhelming when mixed in with other phone calls and messages in my daily life and I can be overwhelmed and overstimulated easily which causes... yep, you guessed it- a fibro flare.

I was talking to a friend earlier about how to help share what I know and point my friends in the right direction in a more organized and less stressful way and the idea for a little webinar or something along those lines came to mind. If you're interested in how you can leave the commute behind and work in your pajamas in your own home, part time or full time- this would be the post series for you to pay attention to and keep an eye out for what I come up with in a few days to present to you how I got started in my line of work.

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