Chronically Clinging

"Just because you didn't start out perfect doesn't mean you can't have an excellent result in the end."
- Debi Thomas

Unstable Notions. A sort of daydream or false hope is what I have to drop at this point. Who knows at this point if this particular adventure is necessarily a misadventure yet but it's being included in this series because, well, it just hasn't worked out the way I hoped thus far and well, that's just one example of why I have to let go of the clinging to things that aren't moving forward.

It began at a time I couldn't fully commit my heart to it the way I should. I wasn't ready, I was still bleeding from an open wound to my heart. He makes me smile, brings me joy when we talk and has even serenaded me a time or two and what girl doesn't just melt for that?! Quadruple brownie points- he prays for me.

It was one really amazing date that felt right and lots of long phone calls, then months of silence while I let others rip me apart even more. He stayed on my mind so I reached back out to him one day, happy to see a reply quickly.

Essentially, he's a pretty awesome person and definitely possesses the things I look for in a partner. So why is it a misadventure? *shrugs* I couldn't even tell ya... I'm clueless. Maybe it isn't. Time will tell.

Chalk this up to the reason many women just like me are chronically single though- we keep getting attached to unavailable men. Whether they are emotionally unavailable or physically unavailable, it's quite the curse. In this case, it's a scheduling issue and an insanely busy lifestyle that keeps this otherwise pleasant possibility from actually moving forward into a commitment and reality.

So, this may not be technically a misadventure... yet. Stay tuned to see, I suppose.

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