What's A Spoonie?

You may be wondering what a "Spoonie" is.
If you don't know, there's a chance you aren't one and I am so happy to know that.
The term originated, I believe, from a post written by Christine Miserandino titled "The Spoon Theory".
Click here to go read that if you've got a few minutes (it's kinda long but definitely worth the read!)
Basically, there are many forms of chronic illness that cause fatigue. A good way to explain to others how we get by is spoons. You start a day with x amount of spoons and each thing you do or deal with takes away x amount of spoons. For example, on a bad day I may only have 3 spoons to spare and taking a shower will take 2, so I'm probably gonna be having a Netflix marathon kind of day.
This is another great post here that explains it to non-spoonies pretty well.

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