"Can't I just cut it all off?" Spoonie Hair.

My hair is thick and wavy. Unmanageable on even some of my eight-spoon days. I had pretty much buzzed all of it off several years ago and now it's the longest it's been in almost 15 years, hitting almost halfway down my back. I have cried in the shower while shampooing it at the weight of it, sobbed as I yanked tangles out with sore arms and shoulders and thrown down my heat tools in exhaustion. Clips and pony tail holders have become my go-to items. I really don't want to cut it though so I've tried to find some ways to make my mane look presentable without wearing myself completely out for the rest of the day. My newest favorite style is a messy curl look with my flat iron.

That kid's detangler stuff... the no tears or the fruity smelling suave stuff is an amazing thing to have on hand just as a tip. ;)

Here are some videos I found that inspired me a little on some new ideas....

This one honestly takes less time to do than it does to watch the video and looks great even if you miss a few hairs and have some "strays":

The 1st and 4th ones presented in this one were more difficult to me personally but the second and third were easily doable and didn't hurt too much (and side note I hate that it says "lazy" hairstyles but uh, we know we aren't lazy, just in need of these hacks!):

I have found something that works great for me personally and it's to let my hair mostly dry naturally in a clip then blast it for just a few to finish with the blowdryer. I then heat the flat iron up and only section my hair into two sections (upper and bottom layers). I just run the flat iron from my scalp to mid-shaft and in big sections, just to smooth it a bit. After I'm done with each section, I take smaller sections and twist it in my fingers then spin my flat iron just a touch from mid-shaft to the ends to make a loose wavy curl. I don't finish with product because it irritates my skin but it stays pretty well and even as it loosens up, still looks good.

Please add your tips in the comments!

Spoonie Tunes - A Wave of Calm

Many people listen to classical music to calm them or help them focus but I've found that much of the classical music on the playlists for those tend to agitate me more, heighten my senses and have an opposite effect. The songs on this playlist I am going to share are the ones that I have rolling when I'm reading, trying to relax, unwinding after a tough day or just need a calming moment.

1. Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
2. Arms - Christina Perri
3. Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra
4. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
5. Only Time - Enya
6. People Help The People - Birdy
7. Remember When - Alan Jackson
8. Crash This Train - Joshua James
9. Every Storm - Gary Allan
10. What Love Really Means - JJ Heller

If those make you too sleepy and you need a boost of energy, click here.