Accessing the world through a larger window again...

I got a laptop!

That's the first larger window, allowing me to start blogging here again.
It's kinda important that I do, since there's been a hopeful breeze of change and I hope it will encourage someone else.

I drove! Past my stop sign!

That's the second and even larger window, allowing me to have hope that I can begin to take steps out in public again.

Two things have given me courage to make that step out.

One is faith and encouragement. I've been clouded with doubt and despair for so long and just feeling so hopeless as the fibromyalgia kept getting worse and the agoraphobia staying so extreme. However, I've started feeling little bits of peace here and there stemming from my faith. The other is something I never thought I'd attempt again- direct sales. I said I'd never do it again ever ever ever ever. But, I went on a hunt to find some makeup that would cover the ugly red patches on my cheeks that did not contain harsh chemicals or bismuth and there I found Sweet Minerals. I decided to go for getting the join kit and giving that a go rather than just buying the products. I'd like to give that a good shot to see where it takes me. It's already given me a huge burst of confidence and I've even been blessed to develop a beautiful blossoming friendship in the process.

I'd love it if you'd consider checking it out a bit by clicking here and perusing a bit.

I have a couple series I wanna get back to and finish out soon but I'm dreaming up some other ideas for posts too. Feels good to be typing all this on a keyboard not a phone again!

Windows Closed

So, I'm writing this post from my phone. I've been holding out on it because, well, there's no decent way to format a good post from my phone.

What had happened was... my computer has gone to crap. It just doesn't have the ability to keep up with me. It's working okay for simple browsing but not for blogging. Until just before the holidays, my phone had been crapped out too so I was kind of lost on how to continue blogging.

It's just not feasible to keep up with it on a phone so I'm really hoping I can start saving up for a laptop soon.

Til then, plenty of ideas and drafts brewing in this brain.

Easy Christmas Cash!

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(Yeah, I *know* it's currently the middle of August. Bear with me.)

This is easy. Seriously. It's hard to save money for Christmas. We've all seen those novel ideas about saving through the year but how many of us actually do it? Or commit to it every week? So then, especially if you're a single parent, you're on a fixed income or disabled, we come up to the holidays each year wondering how we're gonna get all the gifts on our list. This isn't a get rich scheme or anything by all means, but something you can do while watching tv in the evenings or relaxing to put back just a little. (You can cash out to PayPal as well but I do Amazon gift cards because you can buy everything from toilet paper to lawnmowers on that site.) Also, disclaimer, this will be a referral link but trust me, it's not gonna be making me rich either. I'll just get a few points as you earn each day which helps me get closer to my Christmas shopping goal. Totally recommend sharing with your friends after you join!

First, you're gonna click here or click the image below.

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Surveys are how I earn the most. You can complete these while watching tv and they don't take long at all. I cushion those earnings by downloading the Swagbucks app and watching videos on my phone while doing them. Also, there's an awesome facebook group called Swagbucks Swaggernauts where members discuss tips, tricks and best paying offers.

I've been doing Swagbucks for about six years. There are lots of "get paid to" sites out there but this has been the most reliable one and the most consistent earner for me.