A Spoonful of My Life 3/33/2017

Every time I've sat down to write a post in the last month I've stared at the screen and drawn a complete blank. Oh, I have plenty of things in my handy dandy little planner but none of those seemed right to work on at the time. I intended to not make this blog a job or a chore so that I was only sharing authentically so I decided each time that I would just not try to throw something out there that was forced or not really what I wanted to share at the time.

In the last month I have determined that I may be more well-suited for customer service on a sales side or de-escalation side than I am for technical support and that I also may not be able to do a straight 8-9 hours at a desk at a time right now. Therefore, I am not working at this time. I do have a new job lined up that I will be starting in just over 6 weeks that is more on the sales support side and a more flexible schedule.

So what in the world have I been doing with my time, you may wonder. I'm not working, blogging or incredibly active on all the social media platforms, so what have I spent my time doing? Self-care. Resting. Netflix binge-watching, reading, sleeping, stretching, trying to get into a modified exercise routine again and best of all... spending time with my daughter. 

I think I have some pretty good posts on the way soon as a result of my little vacay but if they don't get out in the next few days, no sweat. You'll see me sharing them as they come out. ;)

Why I Blog

I need the outlet.

I need the space to just put out into the world what goes through my mind.

That's the generic answer, though, so I figured it's worth explaining my purpose in this blog just tiny bit more in depth than that. 

I tend to write about topics that have an effect on my life in some type of way. One of the biggest daily struggles I have is with my chronic illnesses. Fortunately, not everyone understands these struggles. I say fortunately because I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I may look fine but you can't see my sweating palms, my palpitating heartbeat, my nausea, my racing thoughts, the shooting pain going down my hip and leg, the tension between my shoulders, the ache in my head, the random twinges of ache in my arms, wrists and hands or any of the other zillions of things I'm feeling at any given moment. Only those who have been inflicted with this or have truly been there next to someone going through it have a clue, so the internet has become a huge source of support for Spoonies like myself. I found comfort reading others' blogs and I hope to provide the same here, whether through sharing something that makes my life a hair easier or just by letting someone else know they aren't alone in their struggles.

I have read enough Pins and posts about "How to Be A Successful Blogger" or some variance on that to know that you should have clear goals for a blog. I just don't function that way. Would it be awesome if a reader clicked on an ad or link and I made five cents passively here and there? Shoot, yeah! I'm the kind of girl that gets excited when I see a quarter on the pavement, so that's the same thing. I don't write to make money though. That's not my big purpose here. Therefore, I may not have a perfect publishing schedule or the most professional layout because it doesn't matter too much to me. Do I want to see a bit of traffic coming though? Yes. Because that's how you network with people and reach the readers you want to see your "stuff". I'm just not too focused on that right now because it takes away from the pure joy of being able to sit down and say what I want to say for only those who want to actually read it. (I overshare on social media sometimes and I'm sure my friends get sick of it so... here... you have to actually choose to click on a link to come read this so it's not annoying you in your newsfeed!)

A Spoonful of My Life 2/15/17

I'm getting sick.

Just a common cold/head cold/sinus junk thing but it's been trying me for about a week and has now seem to set up shop completely. My sweet child had it over the weekend and luckily she's seemed to pretty well kick it in a matter of about five days and is mostly on the mend but I won't be so lucky, I'm sure. These tend to beat me down for weeks and if it hits my chest- oh, boy- it could take more than a month. Throw a quick prayer up for me if ya don't mind that that won't happen! 

My mind has been so spacey/all over the place the last week or two that I haven't been accomplishing the things I had in my planner for this blog or some of the other plans and goals I had in general. I hope as I get into a better groove with my new work schedule and fight this cold off, I'll get back on track with the planned content and getting my to-do list checked off. I have a few more things coming along on the Work From Home 101 series that I need to get ironed out in the next two weeks and also working on a series to follow that. 

Valentine's Day 2017 was far better than my last, ohhh... maybe 4 or 5 Valentine's Days, haha! I didn't even check that "Memories" or "On This Day" thing on Facebook because I didn't even wanna be reminded of how cruddy it's been in the last few years. I was determined to make the best of it I could this year and planned a "Gal-entine's Night", inviting my daughter's two closest friends over to have a "girls' night in".  I was worried as this head cold began to really force in that I would have to cancel but I was able to tough through. I ordered pizzas, we watched Alice Through The Looking Glass and they decorated brownies and sugar cookies. I had actually put a little makeup on, gotten dressed and stepped outside to take a few pics of me and my kiddo together, so that ate up a few spoons. Soo... by the time I was stirring up the cookie dough, I was out. I announced after the movie went off and the girls finished decorating that I was completely spent and needed to rest and that was totally okay. The girls enjoyed their customized sweets and turned on another movie while I rested. Despite the exhaustion, it really was a lot of fun!

I also had a few surprises.

I get a sweet good morning text just about every morning from someone pretty awesome but woke up to one a bit more... sweet, I suppose... on Valentine's Day. I'm trying not to overthink it so I won't get too scared (because if ya read the Chronically Single series, you know I totally have reason to be!) and just kinda enjoying the moments and we shall see what happens. (If you know me you're laughing right now because you know I can't ever seem to do that!)

Not only did my parents drop by unexpected the night before bringing gifts, I also got a really nice flower and candy from a friend and even my kindergarten teacher messaged me with a super sweet surprise! (She's like, teacher of a lifetime, y'all. There needs to be a carbon copy of her in every kid's life! She's always been so special to me!)

So yeah, summary is that Valentine's Day didn't completely kick rocks but this cold needs to. 

My Spoonie status is still house-bound mostly between agoraphobia still being a looming monster and painsomnia still hanging around in fierce mode from my latest and greatest Fibro Flare. I've got hope though. :)