A Spoonful of My Life 2/7/17

Is there a word for being a strange mix of incredibly motivated and utterly drained at the same time? Cuz that's me right now.

Since my last personal post, I've completed the first two weeks at my new full-time job. I underestimated how difficult it would be to keep this blog on schedule, maintain my home, enjoy time with my daughter and possibly even date along side working full-time. Possible? Oh, yes, definitely. Difficult? Fo' sho'. Thankfully my job being a work-from-home one, it's not physically tiring aside from getting my comfort/ergonomics just right but it is mentally taxing. I've got to do some real work on figuring out some time-management and getting myself super organized. 

My Falcons lost the Superbowl. I'm still pretty sad about that. However, my Falcons made it to the Superbowl, so that's something to celebrate by itself. Bringing home the win would have been so incredible but I'm still tickled they proved so many people wrong just by making it there. Football season is over now so that takes one of my favorite things away until August, so blah to that.

I mentioned in my last post that someone from my Chronically Single series had contacted me and that it messed with my head a little and I'm happy to report that hasn't happened again and I'm starting to get back to healing from that pain and confusion. (I'm listening to random, shuffled music while I write and on a totally hilarious random sidenote: Blank Space- Taylor Swift just came on. Ha!) I've had to fight off some wierd feelings of bitterness and frustration in that department but I'm getting to the point I can just let it go. God closes some doors to protect us. I have no doubt that was done for me in so many cases. I shared a pic I saw on FB recently that summed it up:
While there was a "connection" I'm beginning to realize how fleeting it was and how much I was lied to and made to be the fool once again and that I do deserve better than that. It's really raised my standards for a relationship so much higher. There is still someone I'm talking to regularly and that even my kiddo is rooting for (she says she is "shipping" us, the fangirl that she is) and I'm holding this person up to all of my new standards and so far, they are meeting them well. We shall see how that pans out in the coming months while I struggle with balancing my new full-time job schedule with everything else. My focus is really strong on building a better life for me and my daughter right now so everything else will have to fall into place around that. Dating as a full-time work from home, chronically ill, single mom is a challenge, no doubt!

I have a few posts I have to polish off and get finished up to come out in the next week or two, so enough rambling about my personal stuff and on to those. 

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