These are a few of my favorite blogs...

I've found some incredibly amazing bloggers in the past month or so that have become the top blogs I follow. These are the ones I actually look for posts from, routinely check their sites or seek out when I get a free moment.
Especially if you are a spoonie or a blogger or even a WAHM, you should be following at least one or two of these awesome blogs.

Elna at has sort of become that blogger I look up to. Kinda that whole, "oooh, I wanna be you when I grow up!" kinda deal. Her blog about helping moms become mompreneurs is fun, informative and amazingly well organized. 

Hannah at Bald blogger, Hairless Hannah has been an inspiration and a joy for sure. Her post about Bedside Manner was what really connected me to her and hooked me on her blog. She's a fellow Spoonie and one with great thoughts and a way of expressing them as if you're chatting with one of your pals.

Janine at Confessions of a Mommyaholic has one of my favorite mommy/lifestyle blogs. She has a great balance of posts directly related to being a mama and those that are relevant to anyone. Another one of those bloggers I look up to as a newbie, for sure.

Stacey at Chronically Whole has a writing style that feels like a warm blanket around your soul at times. I love reading her posts late at night when I'm struggling with pain or anxiety because it calms me. She's highly relatible and definitely a great source for spoonies.

Rebecca at A Punk with MS is just one rockin' chick. She is a kick-butt spoonie with a lifestyle blog full of posts that will grab your attention and leave you thinking about it hours later. If you have MS or a loved one with MS, this post from her is incredibly informative and helpful.

So there's my top five I follow right now. If you are a blogger with similar styles or niches, leave me a link in the comments as I'm always adding to my Bloglovin' roll!

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  1. Sarah,

    Thanks so much for featuring my blog! I'll have to check out these awesome other bloggers! Thanks so much!