A Spoonful of My Life 3/23/2017

Every time I've sat down to write a post in the last month I've stared at the screen and drawn a complete blank. Oh, I have plenty of things in my handy dandy little planner but none of those seemed right to work on at the time. I intended to not make this blog a job or a chore so that I was only sharing authentically so I decided each time that I would just not try to throw something out there that was forced or not really what I wanted to share at the time.

In the last month I have determined that I may be more well-suited for customer service on a sales side or de-escalation side than I am for technical support and that I also may not be able to do a straight 8-9 hours at a desk at a time right now. Therefore, I am not working at this time. I do have a new job lined up that I will be starting in just over 6 weeks that is more on the sales support side and a more flexible schedule.

So what in the world have I been doing with my time, you may wonder. I'm not working, blogging or incredibly active on all the social media platforms, so what have I spent my time doing? Self-care. Resting. Netflix binge-watching, reading, sleeping, stretching, trying to get into a modified exercise routine again and best of all... spending time with my daughter. 

I think I have some pretty good posts on the way soon as a result of my little vacay but if they don't get out in the next few days, no sweat. You'll see me sharing them as they come out. ;)

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