I'm Still Here!

As anyone with chronic illness knows, depression can seep in easily. It's incredibly easy to lose interest in things when you feel "stuck" sometimes. I've let my mind get to that place a bit over the last four months and abandoned my writing. Not completely, as some drafts have been typed and some ideas jotted down, but enough so that I have let just shy of four months go by without hitting the "Publish" button.

I thought it'd be a good idea to put some accountability on myself by making this post showing what I'm working on coming up, so I will *have* to get it done.

The Shut In, Not Shut Out series is what's taking the longest to get out. It's heavy for me, personal and tough. I just really hope it's gonna be worth it.
I start a new job this upcoming week, speaking of Work From Home 101, so my most recent job hunting has provided me with some new insights to share.

So, maybe I'm just talking to a wall, cuz, ya know, if *I* was subscribed to a blog that went dormant, I might unsubscribe but hopefully some of you are still with me! 

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